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Filmaker  Sean Johnson
Filming Music videos was not one of my hobbies until I had a friend who called me up and asked me to shoot his video; without hesitation I was eager to assist him and it has not stopped. That video would lead me into the next video  and here  I am. 
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Screenwriting was never an option for Sean, but that would soon changed after he moved to Houston, Texas. Out of curiosity he attended Next Actor studios to study more about this Craft. He than studied Screenwriting and later began hosting screenwriting seminars to urban communities, giving hope and exploring the untold stories that don’t usually make it to the "Big" screen. Sean received a scholarship to New York Film Academy in Los Angeles, the most innovative film and acting school in the world. He graduated from the school as one of the top writers in more than a decade. It wouldn’t be long after, he got an offer for a writer's internship at Raleigh Studios. Sean Johnson was hired by Sagemont Studios to write a compelling family-based drama film where he has been since. He release his first featured film, 'Down by the River". DOVE Foundation rated this movie  one of the best sellers. Sean has completed several nationwide films, such as Pastor's Daughter, and the new TV series The Bronx.